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14 Dec - Family emergency but all orders filled fast.  Working on 200+ Greta Van Fleet shows, so I will be your #1 source on the web for GVF!

31 Oct - New Show Deep Purple - Will add more shows.

21 Sep - New Show Elvis Presley Session

3 Sep - Added 52 Judas Priest early shows.

31 Aug - Behind on Free updated shows and more.

8 Aug - Updated free show.  All orders filled.

26 June - Finished adding 59 ABBA Shows.  Always looking for shows I don't have on them.

25 June - Added Triumph & started on ABBA shows.  Many exclusive!

14 June - Updated Free show.

4 June - All Messages Answered.  Side Projects kept me busy but will be back here daily. 

10 May - Updated free Show. 

26 April - Updated free show.  Working on more Titles.

19 April - Uploading a new show.  Add in a few baseball cards for a special project I'm working on.

11 April - Linked

9 April - Finished my 90 Tommy Bolin Titles. I have everything he recorded and all Archives Titles!

4 April - Added Tommy Bolin Titles.  Have many more coming soon.

3 April - Added some Mahavishnu Orch, Ten Years After and Cheap Trick.

2 April - Finally got my YARDBIRDS Collection up. Was a project to organize them...  Will post 30+ 2000s shows shortly, but you can see them in main listing...

29 March - Open a FREE DOWNLOAD FOLDER! 100% Free Downloads w/Instructions!  Added Lemonheads and Fugazi shows.

28 March - Reshuffled Bands on Left Side. Placed single CD shows to top; bottom are bands being added/updated.  Posting Free downloads folder.

25 March - Posted 1977-1989 Prince Shows.  800+ Prince shows now listed.  Major project finally done.  Now to tons of various bands!

21 March - Posted 1990-2012 Prince Shows.  1980s Up Next.

18 March - Added DAC shows.

14 March - Added 59 Ryan Bingham Shows.

8 March - I have been working hard and getting 500+ more Aerosmith shows.

14 Feb - Posted 2013-2016 Prince Date.  2012 and early Next.

8 Feb - Posted Prince's Rare LPs and Remixed Versions.  Show dates starting tomorrow.

5 Feb 18 - Just finished the Prince Named Titles Only.  Next I will post all the Prince Show by Date.  Will update a few other Artists.

27 Jan 18 - I just had some of my Info Blown Away on the Server.  Started to post Prince shows. 

Gotta Start over with the Updates.  The site crashed and lost all my past years updates!  Write with any questions. 



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DEEP PURPLE - 19 Feb 1972 - Dagenham Roundhouse

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These are Musical Events that do not exist, and for Collectors who want something other then what Commerical Releases offer. These are fan creations of Unreleased, Unofficial Documented Historiical Event(s) that may not be perfect Released/Broadcast Quality/Fan Remastered, and are not believed to be officially released/offered in Original form.  Any original offending title(s) listed that specifically violate your company ownership rights, contact us, and they will be removed.

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